Sunday, August 7, 2016

Wise Guy Birthday goes Uptown!

CTMH Wise Guy Birthday Clear Stamps and Adventure Fundamentals | Elise Sosa Designs

 So, if you follow me on Instagram (@ScarletteDesigns) or if you follow my business page on Facebook (EliseCTMH), then you probably remember seeing this photo and that I was working with the NEWEST Close To My Heart Annual Idea (AI) Book products recently released on August 1st.         Were you wondering what I was working on or how it was going to work out?  I guess by the dimensions on the background photo, you may have been able to see that they were small enough to be cards, or possibly pocket scrapbooking, either way, I know a lot of you were totally psyched about the beautiful colors and even with the stamp sets!

    So, here's the debut and how I created everything... (For the first card anyways! LOL)

CTMH Wise Guy Birthday Clear Stamps and Adventure Fundamentals | Elise Sosa Designs
Handmade Card designed and created by Elise Sosa

 As you can see here, I started with my Cricut shapes first, using the Exclusive CTMH Artistry cartridge, and then designed the rest of the card around these.  I only knew one color that I wanted to start with, and that was the new Close To My Heart Color of the Year, SEA GLASS, and I knew that I wanted my card to be universal/unisex, where the recipient could be male or female.  Then of course it was trial and error to figure out what color combo was perfect, because not only did I want it to look good, I also wanted the colors to be realistic and representative of a real layered birthday cake... so, I asked a random question to my Facebook audience, and they posted they liked cake flavors such as Strawberry, Chocolate, and of course Cheesecake! (I mean, who doesn't love Cheesecake??)  So, I used their suggestions (and included my favorite) and below is the result!!  What do ya think? I thought it looked incredibly YUMMY! :)  And to make it even look more realistic, I decided to use my Shimmer Brush and Liquid Glass, because who doesn't love a nice glossy frosting (or icing, depending on what part of the country your from! LOL)

CTMH Cricut Cuts designed by Elise Sosa | http://elise31.closetomyheart.comCTMH Cricut Cuts designed by Elise Sosa |

So, 30 of these later...

CTMH Cricut Cuts designed by Elise Sosa |

     A little bit of heat embossing on Black Cardstock, an addition of that beautiful Sea Glass Glitter paper, and the Uptown Fundamentals Paper and Ribbon, and Voila!

CTMH Cricut Cuts designed by Elise Sosa |

CTMH Wise Guy Birthday Handmade card and Adventure Fundamentals | Elise Sosa Designs


Cricut Artistry Collection

Pixie Exclusive Inks Stamp Pad

Chocolate Exclusive Inks Stamp Pad

Juniper Exclusive Inks Stamp Pad

Liquid Glass

Shimmer Brush

Adventure Ribbon Pack

Uptown Ribbon Pack

Uptown Fundamentals Paper
Wise Guy Birthday (C1662)

CTMH Sea Glass Glitter Paper | A Splash of Color
Sea Glass Glitter Paper

Well, I appreciate you stopping by and I hope that I've inspired you to create something beautiful! And don't forget I have monthly specials each month, so always check back!

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